Cambodia Real Estate Market Report

Cambodia is a small-sized country in South Eastern Asia. Cambodia's real estate market has a potential to provide many opportunities for both foreign investors and domestic buyers. Real estate market in Cambodia can be characterized by moderate appreciation, stable prices and high transaction costs. A Cambodia real estate market report will help you determine the type of real estate market that is ideal for your investment.

Cambodia real estate market offers a broad selection of property types like holiday homes, apartments, industrial spaces, luxurious villas, resale opportunities, retail, office space and other real estate. It is a relatively smaller market compared to Thailand and Vietnam but still it is growing at a very fast pace. The real estate here has a lower cost compared to neighboring countries. An overview of real estate market in Cambodia shows a number of major markets including Phnom Phen, Kompong Phluk, the National Supervision Department, the Ministry of Land and Infrastructure, General Office of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and other agencies.

A comprehensive Cambodia real estate report will let you know the latest reports and events occurring in the country. It will also tell you about Cambodia's property market scenario, forecast, outlook and factors influencing the market. A survey conducted recently found that Cambodia's economy is expected to grow moderately in the next few years.

A recent study shows that Cambodia's real estate market is on the rise. According to the same study, more than half of the private homes and other commercial properties in Phnom Phen have been sold within the first three months of this year. Other areas like the Central Plain, the Kompong Phluk, the Kualang temple area, the cities of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap are also seeing a lot of activity in the buying and selling of properties. This shows that Cambodia's real estate prices are on the rise and that there is still room to grow for the future. The rate of growth for real estate in Cambodia is still on the lower side compared to other countries, but this doesn't mean that you can't get the best deal.

With an average of over 13%, annual growth is expected in Cambodia's real estate market. Other countries would be much higher, but not all, so you shouldn't worry too much if the prices of properties in Phnom Phen are on the rise. As long as there is sufficient demand, prices will continue to go up and down, as long as people are interested in buying property. The government's growth plan and other policies are also encouraging more investors to put their money into the market.

While Cambodia has not yet reached the economic perfunctory state that other countries have reached, there are signs that the market is on the rebound. In fact, many analysts are predicting that Cambodia could end up being the new Asian super power, as far as real estate goes. It is only a matter of time before property prices start going up again and become affordable for ordinary people. There is also a significant amount of money that the country's newly rich are pouring into the market, which bodes well for the future. With Cambodia's real estate market showing no signs of slowing down and the current government growing its infrastructure, it is hard to imagine why the price of real estate in Phnom Phen is staying high.



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